Elastic Stack Workshop

To follow the workshop you need to have a working setup with a bunch of dependencies. Simply get the virtual machine of this repository up and running and you are good to go.


Your system needs to satisfy the following conditions.




Virtual Machine

Clone the repository https://github.com/xeraa/vagrant-elastic-stack.git and run the following command in that folder (where the Vagrantfile is located)

vagrant up
This will take quite a while; just let it run. Once this is done you can log into the VM with
vagrant ssh
Then you can configure the entire machine with
Once that has finished successfully you will be able to access Kibana at http://localhost:5601/. Now you are ready for the workshop.

PS: If you don't get it up and running, please open an issue in the repository. If everything else fails you can also get the final VM before we start with the workshop, but it takes a little while to copy everything, so please don't rely on that too much.